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Our Latest Projects

Here's a look at  what the JetLabs crew have been up to recently.

IoT – Fire Detection / Water Tank Levels / Switch Status

Our client is an eco-lodge in an area with little connectivity, mains water or power. We designed a smoke detection and water tank monitoring system for them using the Internet of Things. Read More


Service Portal – Process Improvement

We developed a web application with KPI dashboard and portal for the Smile IT service system. This sped up our approach to call resolution and improved customer service. Read More


Choose from multiple, completely unique designs built into one incredible theme – no additional setup required. There are currently four Stacks to choose from (with more in development). Tell me more…


We sought out the top internet marketing minds to share their expertise on building the ultimate theme. No other theme on the planet has this sort of brain power behind it. Meet them…


Imagine being able to manage all aspects of your site using a live previewer so you can see exactly how that logo, font, or content layout will look before your publish. Now you can. Here’s how it works…

What Can JetLabs Help With?

IT Gurus

We're the innovation department of Smile IT, Brisbane's leading Managed IT Service Provider. JetLabs, together with Smile, can help fine tune your IT ecosystem to perfection. 

Software Development

The Smile IT programmers are on hand to write code and create programs to help with your business operations, systems and processes. They're hungry for ideas, so why not pitch yours to them? 

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Web and Mobile Apps

We can build you tailor-made and customised apps, with our talented team taking care of the coding, aesthetics and functionality. Let the magic begin!