Service Portal – Process Improvement

JetLabs Service Portal

The Challenge

Customer service is critical to our business and up until now support engineers relied on a dispatcher to allocate calls for quick resolution.

As call volumes increased, this resulted in a number of service optimisation issues e.g. the bulk of the work was allocated to ‘favourite’ engineers, specific types of work were allocated to engineers that were perceived to have the relevant expertise etc.

In short, our ability to improve our customer service levels were being limited due to a reactive approach to call resolution rather than a proactive, accountability-based process.

The Solution

We developed a web application to provide a KPI dashboard and portal for our service platform.

This provided elevated visibility of the ticket queue and support bottlenecks to all team members. It included ‘one-click’ access to relevant support tickets and technical documentation.

Now available technicians take ownership and accountability for the call queue, grabbing tickets as they arrive and freeing up the dispatcher to focus on more customer-related tasks.


The Benefits

– Faster ticket response times

– Reduced call queues

– Greater engineer autonomy and increased accountability/ownership

– Faster team learning and the development of consistent support skills across the team

– Gamification of the support process

The Technology

We used a PHP/Laravel framework for this project.

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